A man speaking into a microphone addressing a large crowd seated under a shelter outdoors, with some people taking photographs and videos.

A Century of Change: Huacho Díaz Mena, Governor of the People

In Valladolid, the candidate representing Morena, PT, and the Green Party pledged to create a government by the people, for the people. Joaquín Díaz Mena, running for governor of Yucatán, recognized the contributions of Valladolid's own José María Iturralde Traconis and his successor Felipe Carrillo Puerto, both previous governors of Yucatán. He vowed to continue their legacy of serving the people's needs.

At a gathering with the Kanxoc community in Valladolid, Díaz Mena, also known as Huacho, committed to promoting equal growth for all, not just a select few. Amid the enthusiastic crowd, he declared, "After a century-long wait, Yucatán will finally have a governor from the people. Just as the Kanxoc community fought for their people's welfare, I will ensure the well-being of all Yucatecans."

Accompanying Díaz Mena were Homero Novelo, Valladolid's mayoral candidate, local deputy candidate Wilmer Monforte, and Rocío Barrera, a federal deputy candidate for the first district. Díaz Mena emphasized, "The Kanxoc community demonstrated the success of a government that emerges from the people. It's time for Yucatán to move away from elitist, classist governments that have consistently overlooked their citizens."

Díaz Mena pledged to provide social programs for all who need them, including single mothers, agricultural workers, students, producers, ranchers, farmers, beekeepers, and people with disabilities, ensuring no one is left behind. He committed to following the path of moral leader of the 4T and previous Yucatán governors Felipe Carrillo Puerto and José María Iturralde Traconis, to ensure that Yucatán never again experiences inequality.