A plate with Chiles en Nogada, a Mexican stuffed pepper dish with walnut sauce and pomegranate seeds, surrounded by fresh ingredients.

18 Mexican Restaurants Win Coveted Michelin Stars

Mexico's culinary scene has received international recognition with the arrival of the esteemed Michelin Guide. This article reveals the restaurants that have been awarded this prestigious honor, along with the chefs and cuisines that have made the cut.

On the evening of May 14, 2024, the eagerly awaited Michelin Star awards were announced in Mexico. The event stirred excitement among the culinary community and ignited a fresh wave of competition. From hidden gems in remote corners of the country to bustling eateries on busy avenues, chefs and restaurants had been on tenterhooks awaiting the verdict of the coveted Michelin Guide Mexico 2024. As anticipated, the results were full of surprises.

This year's winners comprise both established names and emerging culinary talents who have achieved excellence in their craft. Whether it's the perfection of classic dishes or the daring innovation of new creations, each awarded chef has shown an unwavering commitment to quality and creativity in every dish.

This list of Michelin-starred restaurants is eagerly anticipated each year. It not only boosts the economy and tourism but, most importantly, it propels Mexico's gastronomic scene to new heights:

  • One star
    • Animalón (Valle de Guadalupe)
    • Cocina de Autor (Los Cabos)
    • Cocina de Autor Rivera Maya (Playa del Carmen)
    • Conchas de Piedra (Valle Guadalupe)
    • Damiana (Valle de Guadalupe)
    • EM (Mexico City)
    • Esquina Común (Mexico City)
    • Ha' (Playa del Carmen)
    • KOLI Cocina de Origen (Monterrey)
    • Le Chique (Puerto Morelos)
    • Levadura de Olla (Oaxaca)
    • Los Danzantes (Oaxaca)
    • Pangea (Monterrey)
    • Rosetta (Mexico City)
    • Sud 777 (Mexico City)
    • Taquería El Califa de León (Mexico City)