A woman in a white and pink outfit reaches out to a crowd of cheering people with cameras and signs during an event.

Sheinbaum’s Fourth Visit to Yucatan Sparks Excitement

Presidential candidate Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, representing the "Let's Keep Making History" coalition, is set to visit Yucatan for the fourth time. The candidate for governor, Joaquín Díaz Mena, has suggested that Sheinbaum may choose to hold one of her campaign closing events in the state.

The tentative dates for her visit are May 26 or 27. This makes Sheinbaum the presidential candidate who has visited Yucatan most frequently during this campaign, demonstrating her deep affection for the region.

Díaz Mena is confident that Yucatan will greatly benefit from the proposed fourth transformation under Sheinbaum's leadership. He encourages everyone to cast their votes for Morena, Sheinbaum's party.

Contrary to the divisive tactics of their opponents, Díaz Mena emphasizes that the next president should support Yucatan in achieving the ambitious goal of a Mayan rebirth. These projects are aimed at significantly improving the lives of the people of Yucatan.

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