A modern train passing over a tall concrete bridge amidst greenery under a cloudy sky.

“Discover New Maya Train Stations in Tabasco & Campeche Now!”

The Maya Train, a growing network of railway connections, is set to open three new stations on Monday, June 24. These stations, Boca del Cerro, El Triunfo, and Candelaria, are part of the 24 stations now available for travel. They are located in the Mexican states of Tabasco and Campeche.

Boca del Cerro, El Triunfo, and Candelaria will provide easier access to several Mexican archaeological sites, further enhancing the travel experience.

Boca del Cerro Station
Located near the Usumacinta River in Tabasco, this station is part of the longest river system in Mexico. The Usumacinta and the Grijalva rivers together stretch 1,521 kilometers within the country.

El Triunfo Station
Situated in Tabasco, El Triunfo Station is just 27 kilometers from the Moral-Reforma archaeological zone. The Wanha' biosphere reserve is also within reach, being only 48 kilometers from the station.

Candelaria Station
Named after the Candelaria River, this station showcases the natural beauty of Campeche. It is 48 kilometers from the El Tigre archaeological zone, a former river port of significant historical importance.

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