Two ID photos of men with their eyes censored alongside text in Spanish, presenting an official-looking document.

Shocking: 12-Year-Old Girl Shot in Playa Del Carmen!

A 12-year-old girl is in critical condition following a shooting incident at her home on Constituyentes Avenue in Playa del Carmen. She was quickly transported to the General Hospital following the event.

The shooting took place around 9 p.m., when unidentified individuals on a motorcycle opened fire on the girl's home before fleeing the scene. Local residents promptly reported the incident to the emergency services via the 911 hotline, leading to the swift arrival of municipal police officers.

The police report indicates that the young girl sustained a gunshot wound to her groin, which resulted in a fractured pubis. The girl's mother revealed that they were inside their home when they heard the gunshots. Upon realizing her daughter was bleeding from her leg, she immediately came to her aid.

The girl was rushed to the General Hospital, where she was stabilized following surgical intervention by the medical team.

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