Desperate Search for Family of Young Woman in Critical Condition in Cancún

A young woman, currently in critical condition in a public hospital in Cancún, has ignited a social media campaign aimed at locating her family. Images of the woman, visibly in a unit of IMSS, have been widely shared across various platforms. The pictures show a distinctive rose tattoo on her right arm, which matches one seen in photos on her Facebook account.

Her Facebook profile, under the username 'BabyGil Lai', reveals her name to be Laila Berlin Gilly, and suggests she is originally from the United States. To date, no friends or family members have been identified. Concerned social media users, troubled by her condition and the lack of visitors, have been commenting on Laila's posts, urging any relatives to come forward.

It is believed that Laila may have been involved in a traffic accident near the supermanzana 512 area. She was reportedly a passenger in a gray Corsa car which lost control at the corner of Industrial Avenue, colliding with a pole and then a Dodge Attitude. It seems Laila was not wearing a seatbelt and the airbags failed to deploy, resulting in her being thrown against the windshield and sustaining serious injuries. However, the connection between this incident and Laila's current condition has not been officially confirmed by authorities.