A group of people holding banners blocking a road during a protest, with stopped vehicles and onlookers surrounding them.

Xcalak Protest: Residents Block Highway Over Power Outages

Nearly 200 residents from the coastal community of Xcalak have staged a protest by blocking the Chetumal-Cancún highway at the Mahahual junction. This protest comes in response to a series of power outages in the region. Xcalak, located about 180 kilometers from the city of Chetumal in the southern part of the state, struggles with unstable power supply due to its remote location. However, residents say the situation has reached a critical point, with days spent without electricity.

The highway blockade disrupts thousands of vehicles that use this road to travel between the south and north of Quintana Roo. It also puts a halt to work on the Tren Maya, a significant railway project in the region.

Notably, the blockade could impact the local tourism industry. At least two cruise ships are due to dock at the Port of Mahahual this Friday. If the blockade continues, it could prevent hundreds of tourists from disembarking and reaching their planned destinations in the area.

Despite the disruption, no authority has yet engaged with the protesters. This lack of response means the blockade could continue for several more hours.

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