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Fishermen in Quintana Roo face eviction crisis – Find out how they plan to move!

Last week, local fishermen in Puerto Juarez staged a protest against their eviction from their base. They have now agreed to vacate the area and are in the process of identifying a new location. This information was shared by Mario Machuca Sánchez, the leader of the CROC in Benito Juarez.

Sánchez explained that he was unable to assist the fishermen as the land they were previously occupying had been sold to private individuals and was no longer under the control of his organization. However, he did offer to help the fishermen secure a new location.

The land in question was originally acquired by CROC during Mario Villanueva's government. It was later sold to fund the construction of various buildings across the state, including a "school-hotel" in Puerto Aventuras. Sánchez clarified that the CROC had no other means to finance these constructions, hence the decision to sell the land.

Currently, around 60 fishermen are considering a new plot of land in the area as their potential new base. Sánchez expressed his willingness to assist them in their relocation efforts. However, he clarified that his assistance did not imply support for any unlawful occupation of land.

Sánchez stated, "I told them, 'How can I help you? If you need a truck, I will help you. What do you need? I will help you. But 'helping' does not mean that I will support you in invading land. Do you want me to act as an intermediary? I can help you move to that place. But if I invite you to move to that place, I'm not inviting you to stop invading one plot of land to invade another. It would be like filling a hole just to dig another one.'"