The State Attorney General has announced the arrest and charging of two individuals, Emmanuelle “N” and Erick Adrian “N”, for their alleged involvement in extorting local restaurants in Solidaridad and Benito Juarez. Arrest warrants have also been issued for Fabián Raúl “N” and Edgardo “N” on similar charges.

Emmanuelle "N" is accused of an incident that occurred on April 14, when he allegedly entered a restaurant on 38th Street in Solidaridad, claimed to be part of a violent criminal group, and handed the proprietor an extortion note. Following his arrest, Emmanuelle "N" was handed over to the Special Prosecutor's Office for Combatting Kidnapping and Extortion Crimes. A Control Judge has since linked him to the ongoing judicial process and ordered him to be held in preventive detention for the duration of the trial.

In a separate incident in Benito Juarez, Erick Adrian “N” has been linked to the alleged extortion of a restaurant manager in the Supermanzana 510 district. He too has been ordered to be held in preventive detention for a period of two years or for the duration of the trial.

In collaboration with authorities from the state of Veracruz, an arrest warrant was executed in the municipality of Orizaba against Fabián Raúl “N” for alleged extortion. The victim's identity has been withheld for their safety. Fabián Raúl “N” is set to be transferred to Benito Juarez to face charges.

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The final arrest warrant was issued for Edgardo “N”, who is accused of threatening a victim, whose identity has also been withheld, over the phone on March 22. He allegedly demanded an initial payment of five thousand pesos in exchange for not harming the victim's family. On April 8, two individuals reportedly arrived at the victim's business on a motorcycle, with one pointing a firearm at the victim and demanding a monthly payment of three thousand 500 pesos.

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