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Grisly Discovery on La Esperanza-San Pedro Highway!

Two bodies, bearing signs of torture and partially clothed, were discovered off the La Esperanza-San Pedro highway in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas. Their identities are yet to be confirmed, but it is speculated that they could be the two state police officers who recently went missing in Chetumal.

Local authorities, including the Prosecutor's Office and the Citizen Security of the municipality, have remained silent following the discovery. The bodies were found on a section of the highway, suggesting a potential double execution. The discovery was made late on Thursday night.

The bodies were found along the highway stretch from Valladolid Nuevo to San Pedro, approximately 24 kilometers from the municipal head. Residents of San Pedro reported the presence of Public Security forces. However, the authorities in Quintana Roo have yet to officially confirm the deaths.

The National Guard, who continued to patrol the area, were also present. The reason for their presence was unclear until Friday morning when rumors of the discovery began to circulate. Local farmers and residents of La Esperanza reported not hearing any gunshots either in the morning or the previous night, suggesting the bodies may have been dumped in the area.

Local residents were alerted to the incident. In Kantunilkín, Citizen Security has refrained from commenting on the matter in order to maintain the peace. They have consistently remained silent on incidents they consider isolated, including high-impact events such as this one.

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Unofficial reports suggest that patrol 4278 was dispatched on Thursday night to investigate the report and discovered the two bodies. They were found covered with a red tarp, approximately 30 meters from the edge of the highway. Criminalistics experts and investigation agents from the Prosecutor's Office were called to the scene.

The bodies were later moved to the Forensic Medical Service for autopsies. Meanwhile, the National Guard continued its patrols from San Pedro to the municipal head, as per citizen reports. The incident occurred on the night of Thursday, June 6.