People engaging with a boat on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background; clear day with moderate waves visible behind them. Some individuals are wearing life jackets and appear to be preparing for a boat ride, whereas others seem to be disembarking or walking along the shore.

Tulum’s Pristine Beaches: Sargassum-Free and Waiting for You

Despite the limited presence of sargassum on Tulum's coastlines, there has been no surge in demand for tours from aquatic service providers. These providers are currently operating at just 25% of their capacity, says Carlos Solís, head of the Mexidriver agency. Solís notes that sargassum is a natural occurrence that they have learned to manage and live with. He adds that they have been informed that there will not be a significant increase in sargassum in the coming months. Solís also acknowledges the efforts of local, state, and federal authorities in keeping the coasts clean.

According to Solís, a team is dispatched to Punta Piedra three times a week to clear the beaches of the macroalgae. He explains that sargassum only accumulates at certain points, depending on the ocean currents. "Although there hasn't been a large influx of sargassum, the number of tourists visiting the beaches remains low. We are hopeful that the local, state, and federal authorities are doing the necessary promotional work," he says.

Solís believes that during the off-peak season, there should be ongoing programs and events to offset the decline in visitor numbers. He also mentions that their operations were suspended from Saturday, April 27 to Tuesday, April 30 due to unfavorable weather conditions, affecting diving, snorkeling, and boat tours. He reveals that they have been operating at a reduced capacity of 25% for over a month, following a period of 50% capacity during the previous Easter holiday season.