A worker in a blue uniform lifting a large trash bag into a garbage truck on a sunny residential street.

Redesol Wins Legal Battle for Trash Collection in Playa del Carmen – Official Notice Pending

The municipality of Solidaridad is currently awaiting official notification of a legal protection order that has been won by Redesol, a waste collection company. Redesol is looking to be reinstated as the primary trash collection service in the area.

Adrián Pérez Vera, a municipal trustee, confirmed that a Collegiate Circuit Court has favored Redesol. This comes after a District Court initially denied the company's request for protection. "We haven't received the official notification yet. We're waiting to see the resolution. Remember, we had won all the initial instances, including the review resources," said Vera.

The municipality is eager to understand the implications of this court decision. This will help determine the future of waste collection in popular tourist areas such as Playacar and Puerto Aventuras.

Vera stated, "Even though I might disagree with the resolution, I am a man who believes in institutions. If the authority has made this decision, even if I don't agree with it, we will have to comply."

The dispute originated from a concession granted in 2012, which allowed Redesol to collect trash for 20 years in the tourist area of Playa del Carmen. This concession was not upheld, leading to the current legal proceedings.

In January, Redesol won a protection order against the failure to enforce a 2019 ruling. As a result, the municipality may be compelled to reinstate Redesol as the primary waste collection service.