Two moving trucks with "FLETES Y MUDANZAS" on the side parked on a street with lush greenery and a rustic fence on one side. People are seen around the trucks, indicating moving activities.

Tulum Bar Eviction Foiled! No Cops in Sight

Tensions ran high in the coastal region of Tulum when an attempted eviction at Okuru Sushi Bar was stymied due to the lack of police presence. The bar, situated on the Tulum-Boca Paila highway, had been secured from early morning as employees put chains and locks on entrances and exits to prevent others from entering.

Judicial officials and lawyers arrived on the scene with moving trucks and workers, ready to enforce the eviction. However, without law enforcement officers present, the eviction process was stalled, leading to a climate of uncertainty and tension among those involved.

As of now, local authorities have not provided any official statements explaining the absence of a police response. It's important to note that on June 6, investigators from the State Attorney General's Office forcibly evicted employees from several establishments in the same area without prior notice.

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