Revolutionizing Community Sports: Mayor’s Mega Soccer Field Makeover!

In an effort to encourage sports participation and promote a healthy lifestyle within the community, the Municipal Government, led by Juanita Alonso Marrufo, has begun the rehabilitation of the soccer field at the Revolución Sports Unit in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood. This initiative demonstrates the government's commitment to revitalizing these areas for athletes, particularly soccer enthusiasts.

Carlos Daniel Pomol Gómez, the director of Public Works, pointed out that this sports facility, which has been around for over 30 years, had been neglected for a long time. In response, Mayor Juanita Alonso initiated projects to reclaim these spaces for the island's families. This included the refurbishment of the mini soccer field and basketball courts, which were completed last February.

The current project involves the renovation of the sports unit's soccer field. The work includes leveling the surface, adding topsoil, and laying more than 7,000 square meters of Bermuda grass. Additionally, new goals made from steel pipes will be installed.

To ensure that spectators can enjoy matches in a safe and comfortable environment, the stands will also be refurbished. For the first time, a roof will be installed at the site, made from galvanized sheet metal and steel. The roof will be painted and fitted with hanging LED lights.

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This project, which began this month, is being funded by the Municipal Government with a budget of approximately 8 million pesos from the Environmental Sanitation Rights resource. This is part of the municipality's historic investment, made possible by the trust of taxpayers who have contributed, confident in the transparent management of Cozumel's resources.

Pomol Gómez stated that from the start of the administration, the mayor has directed various agencies to work together to strengthen sports on the island. She believes that by fostering commitment to sports disciplines, it is possible to build stronger families and a more harmonious community.