A police vehicle and officers in front of a multi-story apartment complex with a small taco stand on the right side of the image.

Tragic Suicide Mystery Unraveled in Playa del Carmen

In the Eden district of the Solidaridad municipality, a man tragically took his own life. The incident occurred on Quetzal Street, inside a three-story building. Reports suggest that the body had been deceased for approximately three days before it was discovered.

The unfortunate event was brought to light by neighbors, who reported a foul smell emanating from the building. Responding to the report, members of the Citizen Security Secretariat arrived at the scene and confirmed the incident.

Following the confirmation, the State Attorney General's Office was notified. Personnel from the Forensic Medical Service were then dispatched to handle the body.

Neighbors provided information that the individual had been living alone. Despite this, the circumstances or reasons that led the young man to end his life remain unknown.

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