Map showing the forecasted trajectory of Tropical Storm Beryl across the Caribbean with annotations in Spanish for days and intensity predictions as it moves over time.

Tropical Storm Beryl: Will It Become a Hurricane? Latest Update on Mexico Impact

Following the recent tropical cyclone 'Alberto', concerns have been raised about the formation of tropical storm 'Beryl'. The National Weather Service (NWS) reports that tropical depression Two has evolved into tropical storm Beryl. The storm's center is currently situated 1,785 kilometers east-southeast of Barbados and 4,805 kilometers east-southeast of Quintana Roo's coastlines. Beryl is the second cyclone of this year's Atlantic hurricane season, following the passage of tropical storm 'Alberto'.

The NWS forecasts suggest that there is a high likelihood of tropical storm Beryl escalating into a hurricane as it progresses towards the Caribbean Sea. However, the NWS has emphasized that Beryl does not pose a threat to Mexico. No significant impacts are anticipated for the Mexican states, aside from the ongoing prediction of rainfall.

The NWS urges the public to stay vigilant for potential changes in the storm's direction. They also advise caution for the upcoming tropical disturbance 94L, which is predicted to enter the southern Gulf of Mexico by the coming Sunday. This weather event is expected to cause intense precipitation in the southeast and east of the country, resulting in torrential rainfall across various states.

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