Tourism Workers in Cancun Demand Vaccinations

Despite the fact that the tourism sector has been declared an essential activity in Quintana Roo, workers still have not been vaccinated, contributing to the new wave of contagions.

Dozens of workers in the hotel industry demanded the government of Quintana Roo the application of vaccines to cut the chain of Covid-19 infections, as it puts the lives of those who work in this important economic engine at risk.


This comes after the state government boasted this weekend the arrival of new flights to Cancun from Barcelona and Medellin, and to Cozumel from Monterrey and Mexico City, increasing air connectivity and tourism.

“Bravo! More Covid for everyone”, said Juan José Estañol Aguilar. He criticized the government for promoting more flights to reactivate tourism and the economy, but not protecting its workers.

Ronald Zeñodro stated that the “contagion” in the hotels and workplaces is worrisome.

Furthermore, Rafael Hernandez demanded that COVID-19 live virus or antigen tests be requested from tourists arriving to Cancun to stop contagions and save the lives of hotel and tourism workers.

“Workers are required to wear masks, but tourists walk around without protection because there is no authority that requires them to follow protocols. Greed is above the life and health of the workers: there are dead colleagues and others who have been seriously injured,” said Raúl Burgos Sandoval.

“As long as the victims are not their family members, they will never understand the seriousness of what we are going through,” said José Raúl González.

Martha Pastrana stated that “the people who work in the hotel and tourism sector have not been vaccinated because they are young people. Vaccination of this segment of the population who have direct contact with tourists should be mandatory, because they then infect their relatives and the chain of contagion does not stop.”

In their social networks, workers of the hotel industry went further, pointing out that Cancun should be in the red traffic light due to the wave of contagions. The indicated that we remain in orange only due to the economic interests of the tourism sector, putting at risk the health and life of workers and the population in general.

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It should be noted that since May 2020, tourism activity in Quintana Roo was declared an essential activity, with the purpose of reactivating the economy and employment. However, workers in the industry have not been vaccinated to avoid contagions among themselves and the thousands of tourists arriving to this important destination on the Mexican Caribbean.

Source: El Sol de Mexico