Small flames visible behind a mesh of leafy branches, indicating the onset of a forest fire amid dry underbrush.

“Stay Safe During Wildfire Season: Urgent Safety Tips Revealed!”

In light of the recent fires in the local municipality, the Secretary of Civil Protection, Risk Prevention and Firefighters has issued a public advisory. Residents are urged not to venture near the fire-affected areas. It is also advised to seal doors and windows with damp cloths and to use face masks for protection. Importantly, residents are asked to disregard rumors and instead follow official advice. If anyone is exposed to smoke, they should seek medical attention immediately.

The fires were triggered by the CADU developer in the vicinity of the Villas del Sol neighborhood. Despite the Department of Sustainable Environment and Climate Change closing off the area to prevent further construction, the company has continued to disregard this directive. They have been conducting simultaneous burnings, which have prevented the fires from being extinguished.

In response to these fires, a team of 33 personnel from the Municipal Fire Department, Sedena and the Navy are working tirelessly to put out the flames.

The Secretary of Civil Protection, Risk Prevention and Firefighters urges the public to stay updated through official channels, ignore rumors, and heed safety recommendations. Continuous efforts are being made to control the fire, which has already impacted more than 200 hectares of land.