Close-up of a ballot paper with different political party logos and a hand-drawn circle indicating a vote.

Political Chaos in Quintana Roo: Parties Challenge Election Results

The Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) in Quintana Roo has challenged the official results of local deputy and municipal presidency elections.

Leobardo Rojas López, the state leader of the PRD, has lodged these challenges with various district councils of the Electoral Institute of Quintana Roo (Ieqroo). He cites a range of alleged irregularities, from simple arithmetic errors to instances of vote coercion.

López, also known as the leader of the Aztec Sun, has further disputed the results of municipal presidency elections. He alleges that there were breaches of campaign expense limits and other procedural irregularities during the electoral process.

The Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has also contested the election results in one district. They have pointed to various irregularities during the election day and in the vote count.

These challenges highlight the political tension in Quintana Roo following the elections. Multiple parties are questioning the legitimacy of the results due to these alleged irregularities.

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