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Juan Carrillo, a candidate for federal deputy for district I, is a known advocate for animal protection. As part of his ongoing legislative duties, he recently introduced an initiative to provide financial incentives to individuals who rescue animals.

"I am proud to share an initiative I recently proposed in Congress. This initiative is designed to support the unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to rescuing and protecting some of our most vulnerable friends: stray animals," Carrillo said.

The candidate, who is part of the Let's Continue Making History coalition, explained that the initiative would allow for tax credits to be given to those who invest in the shelter, feeding, and veterinary care of rescued animals.

Carrillo, a member of the Green Party, Morena, and PT, has always been dedicated to promoting and supporting proposals that help protect all living beings. This initiative not only benefits those who rescue animals, but also the animals themselves. These animals often require universal attention due to the abuse and/or abandonment they have unfortunately suffered.

Carrillo believes this initiative is a step towards acknowledging the significant work that animal rescuers and organizations do. He hopes it will ensure they can continue their crucial work with the support they deserve.

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