Police vehicles parked on a street with 'POLICIA SOLIDARIDAD' written on the side, during daylight in a public area with trees and buildings in the background.

Shocking Shooting at Playa del Carmen Construction Site

Early Friday morning, May 3rd, local authorities were alerted to a shooting at a construction site near Chedraui Velamar, in Playa del Carmen. The initial reports suggest that the workers were on duty around 8:30 a.m when a violent confrontation broke out, leading to an exchange of gunfire.

Following the sound of gunfire, nearby witnesses quickly dialed 911. State and Municipal Police officers were swiftly on the scene.

The reasons behind the shooting remain unclear. It has been reported that one person was found dead at the scene, with another injured person nearby. A third individual managed to flee the construction site, making his way through the undergrowth of Tecnológico avenue with Arco Norte, and ended up in the Walmart of Petempich parking lot.

The man, suffering from a gunshot wound to the neck and losing a significant amount of blood, sought help from people in the parking lot. Paramedics from the Mexican Red Cross arrived promptly, administered first aid, and later transported him to the hospital along with the other injured victim.

In the meantime, investigative agents remained at the site to gather evidence and begin their investigation into the incident.