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400% Surge in Missing Persons Cases Under Roxana Lili’s Leadership

Over the course of Roxana Lili's three-year stint as the leader of the Solidaridad City Council, the number of missing persons cases has seen a shocking increase. This trend has been highlighted by the National Commission for the Search of Missing Persons.

Roxana Lili's tenure is likely to be remembered as one of the most insecure periods in the city's history. During her term, the rate of disappearances in Solidaridad has risen by over 400%, with women being the most affected group, in comparison to the previous three-year term.

The National Commission for the Search of Missing Persons has shared data indicating that between October 1, 2021, and April 29, 2024, a total of 153 people were reported missing in the Solidaridad municipality. This spike in disappearances coincides with Roxana Lili's rise to power.

In contrast, during the preceding three-year term, from October 1, 2018, to September 30, 2021, only 37 cases were reported, marking a more than 400% increase in missing persons reports during Roxana Lili's term.

Out of the 153 reported cases during Roxana Lili's term, 138 people are still missing, while 15 have been found. The gender breakdown shows that 80 of the missing persons are women, accounting for 52% of the cases, while men make up the remaining 47% with 73 reports.

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The neighborhoods with the highest number of reported disappearances include Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta, Gonzalo Guerrero, and Ejidal, among others.

The responsibility for preventing these alarming cases falls on the Secretary of Citizen Security, Raúl Tassinari, who is directly accountable to Roxana Lili. However, little to no progress has been made in addressing these alarming occurrences, which have been largely overlooked by the publicly funded press.