Two people planting a young tree together in a grassy area, one wearing a red cap and the other a black cap, focusing on their task.

‘Sowing Life’ Initiative transforms Campeche with 90% Less Illegal Logging!

The 'Sowing Life' initiative, led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has made significant strides in curbing illegal logging in Campeche, while also reforesting over 55,000 hectares.

State coordinator, Marcelo Contreras Roldán, noted that the program has successfully decreased illegal logging in the area by a staggering 90%. Furthermore, the program's reach has been expanded to encompass all municipalities within the state, enlisting more than 21,000 planters. The agroforestry system in place has effectively enabled both reforestation and food production. Notably, loggers have also been incorporated into the program to encourage reforestation and prevent environmental harm.

Despite facing initial skepticism, the 'Sowing Life' program has achieved the reforestation of more than 55,000 hectares and has played a vital role in reducing illegal logging in the region.

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