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Solidaridad Municipality’s Victory: Federal Protection Against Union

The Solidaridad Municipality has successfully secured federal justice protection, preventing it from being forced into negotiations with the General Union of Workers and Peasants of Mexico (Ugocm). This is the same organization that established a second bureaucratic union within the municipal government. This information is corroborated by the Federal Judicial Power records, which list the writ of habeas corpus 1150/2023 filed by the Solidaridad Municipality. As of June 21st, the government is shielded from the actions of the Quintana Roo Conciliation and Arbitration Tribunal concerning this second union.

For many years, the Single Union of Workers at the Service of the Municipality (Sutsams) has represented permanent employees. However, since 2022, the Ugocm has obtained a record to represent a specific number of officials.

The municipal administration has consistently declined to negotiate general working conditions with this second union. As a result, the union had to appeal to the Conciliation and Arbitration Tribunal. However, due to the writ of habeas corpus secured by the municipal government, the tribunal cannot compel the current government to recognize and negotiate with this union.

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