A person standing on rocky shoreline, gazing at the sea, with waves approaching the shore and a pier in the distance under a cloudy sky.

“Shocking Warning: Stay Out of Mysterious Water Springs in Solidaridad!”

A local resident of Playa del Carmen inspects a water spring.

The Head of the Ministry of Environment in Solidaridad, Lourdes Varguez Ocampo, has issued a warning against entering the water springs that have recently appeared along the coastline.

Over the past weekend, a water spring emerged on the coast of Playa del Carmen, drawing in curious tourists. Residents of the area took to social media to share the sight of the underground rivers that were surfacing in the middle of the waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

On the popular sandy beaches of Playa del Carmen, many people approached the springs to confirm that it was indeed fresh water flowing into the ocean. These natural occurrences are common at certain times of the year when the sea recedes and carries large amounts of sand from the beaches. This allows both tourists and locals to witness hundreds of liters of fresh water merging with the salty sea water.

The recent heavy rainfall has caused these underground rivers to overflow and discharge into the sea. This was witnessed on Fundadores beach and in the water springs located between 8th and 10th streets in Solidaridad.

The emergence of these springs has allowed several meters of sandy beaches to recover. In previous weeks, the encroachment of the sea onto the beaches had caused significant erosion to beach resorts, hotels, and restaurants, as well as other infrastructure located in the coastal area.

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Lourdes Varguez Ocampo noted that these water springs are present on all the beaches of Solidaridad. "In Fundadores, there are two quite large ones. This is due to the high tides that have carried part of the sand from our beaches. Combined with the rain, this has allowed the underground rivers to begin to flow," she explained.

She further clarified that the water is fresh and that the appearance of these springs is not an unusual phenomenon. They have always existed in the federal zone but get covered during drought seasons. Therefore, it is during the rainy times that they are seen bubbling up again due to excess water.

However, Ocampo emphasized that the public should not enter the water springs as they can pose a risk due to their currents. She urged people not to act recklessly or touch the springs and advised against allowing children or older adults to approach them.

Despite this, she reassured that the springs do not pose a significant risk and are a natural wonder. "The fact that with these rains the underground water table has been cleaned and increased, and this is making them reach our beaches again, these springs are emerging again in the federal zone," she said.

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Some residents who approached these springs reported that the water had a bad smell and emitted a metallic aroma. The springs on Fundadores beach were particularly noticeable due to their turquoise blue color, which contrasted with the rest of the ocean. The appearance of previously hidden rocky formations under the sand also drew attention from residents and coastal workers.