Two police trucks block a rural road with red and white police tape in the foreground indicating a restricted area.

“Cartel Chaos: Sinaloa Faction Terrorizes Bacalar”

The Coronel family, an armed faction of the Sinaloa Cartel, is causing havoc in the communities of Miguel Alemán and Río Verde in Bacalar. They have established illegal checkpoints on local roads, creating a climate of fear that has deterred goods suppliers and left residents feeling trapped in their own homes. The criminals have seized control of the entire region, even preventing authorities from patrolling the area.

Residents report that they had no choice but to submit to the Coronel family's rule. The family openly admits their involvement in drug trafficking for the Sinaloa Cartel and have imposed their own laws on the region. They exploit local farmers by charging exorbitant fees for the sale of their produce and ranchers who need to move their livestock to other communities, particularly due to the severe drought in the southern part of the state.

Maria, a local resident, shared that she was forced to leave the Río Verde community a few months ago, fearing for her safety. Her father, a resident of more than 30 years, deemed it too dangerous for her to stay. Since her departure, she has been unable to visit her family or return to her hometown, communicating only sporadically through a courier service.

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