A split image with a young girl on the left and the colorful 'Cozumel' sign on the right with a cruise ship in the background.

Desperate Search for Missing 15-Year-Old in Cozumel

A 15-year-old girl, Angélica Esmeralda Cuevas Kupu, has been reported missing on the island of Cozumel. The State Prosecutor's Office of Quintana Roo has issued a search warrant under the Alba protocol in response to her disappearance.

Angélica was last seen on Monday, May 6, dressed in grey shorts, a black t-shirt featuring a panda design, and white flip-flops. She is described as having a sturdy build, long, wavy brown hair, dark eyes, and stands approximately 1.50 meters tall. The public is urged to call 998 881 7150 extension 2130 with any information regarding her whereabouts.

This is the second reported disappearance on the island in 2024. The first involved a 66-year-old American tourist, Edmond Bradley Solomon, who became disoriented and lost after disembarking from a cruise ship. He was last seen in April, wandering around various parts of the island, including Isla de la Pasión, Punta Langosta pier, and El Encanto subdivision. His movements were captured on the island's security cameras.

The most recent search efforts for Solomon have focused on the Ranchitos area and the eastern part of Cozumel. However, authorities have yet to confirm if he has been found.

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