An image of a large sinkhole in a forested area surrounded by trees and cordoned off with yellow caution tape.

Diver Lost in Playa del Carmen Cenote Found!

A diver caused a stir this morning after he disappeared for some time in the Maicor Cenote, located near the foreign terminal of Playa del Carmen. His absence was noticed and quickly triggered a response from local authorities, including the Municipal Police and Civil Protection.

The authorities swiftly organized a search effort, deploying resources and specialized personnel due to the inherent high risk of diving in unfamiliar areas. After a tense hour of waiting, the diver emerged from the cenote unaided.

Upon questioning, the diver explained that he had ventured into an unknown part of the cenote and subsequently became disoriented. Fortunately, he was able to find his way back before his oxygen supply depleted.

The Civil Protection team assessed the diver at the scene. While he didn't sustain any serious injuries, they advised him to rest and avoid any strenuous activities. This incident served as a reminder from local authorities to all diving enthusiasts about the importance of caution. They stressed the need to familiarize themselves with their diving locations and to always be prepared for unexpected situations.

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