A damaged black car with its front end crumpled, parked on a street, evidence of a recent collision

Debt Disaster: Rural Driver Wrecks Truck in Tulum

A rural driver is now facing a lifetime of debt after a serious traffic accident in Tulum. The incident occurred when he ignored a stop sign in the Centro neighborhood and crashed into a parked truck, resulting in significant damage.

The accident was reported around 11 am when a call was made to the local emergency services. The caller reported that two vehicles had been heavily damaged and requested the presence of traffic officers at the scene.

The officers quickly arrived and assessed the situation. They identified the driver responsible for the accident as the man behind the wheel of a beige Nissan Versa, with the license plate UUX-623-K. He had been driving north on Orión Street when he disregarded a stop sign at the intersection of Sagitario Street.

The Nissan Versa collided with the corner and left side of a parked white Chevrolet Silverado, with the license plate TA-1728-N. Despite the Silverado driver's attempt to swerve and avoid the collision, it was too late.

The total cost of the damages to both vehicles was estimated to be over 50,000 pesos. The parties involved are currently seeking to reach an agreement on the financial settlement.

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