A large group of students wearing coordinated outfits, posing for a photo in front of a colorful, oversized 'PLAY' sign.

“Quintana Roo Dominates 2024 CONADE Nationals with 57 Strong Weightlifters!”

Quintana Roo is gearing up for the 2024 CONADE Nationals, which will be held in Campeche. The state will be represented by a delegation of 57 weightlifters. Following the release of the national ranking, an additional 35 athletes were confirmed for the team, bringing the total to 57 competitors. The team, which includes 30 women and 27 men, will compete in the final stage of the event.

The team hails from all 9 municipalities of Quintana Roo, and for the first time, includes weightlifters from Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos. This demonstrates the growth and diversity of the sport in the region.

In preparation for the Nationals, the team has planned two intensive training sessions in Chetumal on the 11th-12th and 25th-26th of May. Here, they will undergo competitive training under the guidance of state coaches.

The team includes notable athletes such as Herseleid Carrazco, Joseph Canto, Alejandra Canto, and Paola Chan, among others. These athletes have distinguished themselves in previous competitions and are ready to give their all in the final stage of the 2024 CONADE Nationals.

The inclusion of these talented weightlifters in the state team is a testament to the hard work and dedication of both the athletes and their coaches. It also reflects Quintana Roo's commitment to continuing its success in the national sports arena.