Quintana Roo Launches App to Locate Tourists in Case of a Hurricane

Quintana Roo Launches App to Locate Tourists in Case of a Hurricane

The platform will ensure that no registered tourist will be vulnerable to being left without communication or assistance in the event of a hurricane.

The Government of the State of Quintana Roo, through the state Ministry of Tourism, has launched this week the web platform Guest Locator, to help identify the location and situation of those tourists who are surprised by the impact of a hurricane, Sedetur informed on its website.

Quintana Roo is usually affected by tropical storms and hurricanes between June 1st and November 30th, so the locator will be active throughout the hurricane season and can be accessed through the e-mail address http://guestlocatorcaribe.mx.

Quintana Roo Launches App to Locate Tourists in Case of a Hurricane
Photo: Sedetur

Lodging service providers must register their guests who are throughout the state during the hurricane season and indicate whether they remain in the hotel, are transferred to a shelter, or are evacuated.

Quintana Roo Launches App to Locate Tourists in Case of a Hurricane

This new digital platform is aimed at lodging service providers (hotels, inns, cabins, villas, etc.); accredited consular corps; hotel associations; municipal tourism departments and the State Secretariat of Tourism (Sedetur), the agency in charge of its administration.

The information of tourists and visitors registered in Guest Locator is not public, Sedetur clarified.

The operation will be carried out in 3 different operational phases:

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Phase 1 will take place at the beginning of the hurricane season. Here the necessary tests of the system and the confirmation and/or updating of the information of the lodging service providers will be carried out.

Phase 2 will activate the system in case of a hurricane threat. This phase is activated when Civil Protection issues a hurricane warning. Activities will be governed by Civil Protection’s Tropical Cyclone Early Warning System SIAT-CT. During blue and green SIAT alerts.

Sedetur will be activating the system when the first hurricane threat alert is issued. Tourist service providers must register their guests in the system. While hotel associations and tourism directorates should be monitoring the registration of guests.

Quintana Roo Launches App to Locate Tourists in Case of a Hurricane

During yellow and orange SIAT alerts: The first relocation of guests should be carried out in the system.

During Yellow and Orange alerts, tourism service providers should indicate in the system the place where their guests will remain during the hurricane’s passage (evacuated guests): shelter, to another hotel, out of the State, hospital, etc. While hotel associations and tourism boards should continue to monitor guest registration.

Phase 3, dictates what to do after the impact of the Hurricane. Therefore, in this phase, the next destination of the evacuated guests in the Yellow and Orange Alert will also be identified, this is the Second Relocation. The system must indicate for each evacuated guest: if they returned to the hotel, if they went to a shelter, to another hotel, if they left the state, if they are in a hospital or in another place.

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The registration of this information will make it possible to know the exact location of tourists and visitors. The Tourist Location System Guest Locator of the State of Quintana Roo is installed, working and ready to face any hydrometeorological contingency that may occur in any of the tourist destinations of the Mexican Caribbean; therefore, in case it is necessary, its use is fully guaranteed.

As every year, as of this Tuesday, June 22nd, training began for all lodging service providers in Benito Juarez, Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos.

After facing a hurricane season in 2020 that included four tropical cyclones that affected the Mexican Caribbean, as REPORTUR.mx reported, the hoteliers of the Riviera Maya Hotel Association (AHRM) are ready with their Internal Civil Protection Committee to guarantee the safety of tourists, collaborators and facilities in the event of the possible presence of these natural phenomena this year.

Source: TTD