A protest banner with the words 'LO LOGRAMOS' and 'FUERA EMPRESA ESQUIRIA DESARROLLADORA DE LA RIVIERA MAYA' in front of a building with a 'DeRiMaya' logo.

Quintana Roo Govt Triumphs Over Derimaya in Playa del Carmen, legal victory shakes town

The Quintana Roo Government has successfully reclaimed several properties after an extended legal battle with the company, Derimaya. This victory was made possible through an agreement in which Derimaya's owner, Ofelia Gonzalez Witt, relinquished 49 percent of her shares to the State.

After a 25-year delay, the State Government will now begin the process of regularizing titles for over 5,000 families. Efforts to regularize these lands have been ongoing since 1999, but have previously been unsuccessful. The recent agreement reached by the Quintana Roo Government will benefit thousands of local residents by resolving property issues and providing legal security for the affected families.

In a related development, the State Attorney General's Office (FGE), via the Special Prosecutor's Office in the Fight against Property Crimes, has successfully linked two partners of Derimaya to the court proceedings. These individuals are implicated in a fraud case worth more than 250 million pesos, which has impacted hundreds of families in Playa del Carmen. This court process reinforces the ongoing fight against corruption and impunity in the region.