People congregating in front of a new government building marked with the Quintana Roo emblem and logo, indicating an opening or public event.

Quintana Roo Congress Sparks Controversy with Swift Law Repeal

In a recent session, the XVII Legislature of Quintana Roo controversially approved the repeal of the Institutional Image Law. The decision was made through an "urgent and obvious resolution", with 20 votes in favor and four against.

The law, which was already approved and set to come into effect in the coming weeks, would have prevented governments from painting public buildings, official vehicles, and other equipment in their party's colors. This measure was initially established to avoid these costs.

Julián Ricalde Magaña, a Deputy without a party affiliation but associated with the 4T, expressed concern over the repeal. He stated that it comes at an unfavorable time in the electoral cycle. Ricalde warned that the repeal could lead to millions being spent on repainting schools, patrol cars, official vehicles, parks, and public buildings.

Candelaria Ayuso, a Deputy from the PRI, also expressed surprise at the swift repeal. She suggested that the funds allocated for repainting could have been better used to address the urgent needs of Quintana Roo's residents.

Maritza Basurto from the Citizen's Movement requested that the issue be examined outside of election periods and within committees. She referenced a case in Cozumel where school paint was used for electoral purposes.

Deputy Luz María Beristáin, the sole defender of the project, expressed pride in the majority's decision. She argued that institutional colors should not be limited to white, gray, and black, as was stipulated in the now-repealed law.