Individuals in a control room with computer monitors; signage indicates emergency services and security secretary presence.

“Cozumel’s State-of-the-Art Security Upgrade: A Game Changer for Tourists”

Governor Mara Lezama Espinosa recently visited the new Command and Control Center (C2) in Cozumel. The visit was to assess the center's collaboration with the regional sub-center of the state government's C5. The primary aim of this collaboration is to bolster security on the island, particularly for the millions of cruise passengers and tourists who visit each year.

The C2 is connected to the regional sub-center of the state's Department of Citizen Security's C5. This connection facilitates the rapid exchange of information between various government agencies at all levels. These include the National Guard, the Navy, and the Army. The improved communication enhances the response to emergencies or criminal activities.

Security in Cozumel has been significantly increased with the addition of more surveillance cameras in public areas. The number of cameras has risen from 40 to a total of 252. These cameras are equipped with facial recognition, video analytics, and license plate reading capabilities. The aim is to uphold the high security standards required by an international tourist destination.

The new Computerized Dispatch System (CAD) enables real-time reporting and a more efficient response to emergencies. This system prioritizes the safety of both tourists and the local population. The C2 and the regional sub-center of the C5 can communicate instantly, displaying the deployment of units in real-time through GPS devices. This feature significantly reduces response times in emergency situations.

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Governor Espinosa stressed that in this new era of tourism, the safety and wellbeing of families and visitors are a top priority for the state of Quintana Roo. This is especially true for destinations like Cozumel.