A group of individuals inside a room with some individuals wearing uniforms labeled 'Bomberos Cancun' and others in vests labeled 'Direccion Proteccion y Bienestar Animal' during a meeting.

“Population Boom Sparks Surge in Cancún’s Emergency Shelters”

Population growth in Benito Juárez, particularly in the northern region, has led to an increase in temporary shelters for the current hurricane season. The Secretary General of the Benito Juárez City Council, Antonio Riveroll Ribbon, stated that there are 20 more shelters than last year. This increase allows the northern region to accommodate an additional 20,000 people if necessary.

Ribbon explained, "We've increased our shelter count from 67 to 87, and we've also added 20 hostels for the season. According to the National Water Commission, these will be in use, so we're focusing on prevention and readiness for any potential weather events."

Ribbon also noted the ongoing construction and housing growth in the municipality. This development is the reason for the increase in shelters, even if they remain unused.

Efforts are being made to maintain and clean absorption wells and median strips regularly. Preventive maintenance is also being carried out in schools and vegetation areas to identify any potential risks. Ribbon recalled, "In 2020, when we faced a category 2 hurricane, we used about four thousand spaces. We believe we have ample capacity, but for the sake of prevention and safety, we think it's better to have more."

Cancún, being a popular tourist destination, requires each hotel to have an external shelter. Between 15 and 20 hotels could potentially serve as self-shelters, with an average capacity for 50,000 visitors. These have already been inspected and approved.

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In addition to these measures, an updated Risk Atlas has been developed to identify any risk zones. With these preparations, Cancún is ready to face the current hurricane season.