Five panelists at a table with microphones in front of a Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo banner with audience in the foreground

Puerto Morelos Cracks Down on Fraudulent Real Estate Developers

The Municipal Council for Territorial Planning and Urban Development in Puerto Morelos recently held a meeting to discuss the development of urban planning and territorial organization tools. The meeting was attended by all 30 members, including academics, representatives of business organizations, professional colleges, developers, and others.

The council, led by Rolando Leonel Melo Novelo and Víctor Rodrigo Aragón Madrigal, discussed the importance of creating or updating guiding instruments for urban development. Miriam Madero Gómez, under secretary of Territorial Planning of the Ministry of Sustainable Urban Territorial Development (Sedetus), emphasized the importance of these instruments to the State Government.

She pointed out that Puerto Morelos is the only municipality in Quintana Roo working on three instruments at the same time: the Municipal Program, Population Center of Puerto Morelos, and the Program of Local Ecological Order. These tasks are being carried out with the support of SEDATU to define the state strategy of territorial planning.

Edgar Buenrostro Salazar, director of Urban Operations of the Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial and Urban Development (Sedatu), stated that ordering, regulating, and controlling territorial planning is a presidential instruction. This is especially important in areas where economic activities such as tourism are prevalent.

He stressed the need for planning instruments that allow for an established roadmap to control the process of occupying the territory. He also emphasized that the socialization process of these instruments must be broad and respond to observations from different sectors and organizations.

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Lourdes Valdés, a representative of the consulting team, presented a summarized version of the proposed structure for the Municipal Program of Urban Development of Puerto Morelos and the Program of the Population Center of Puerto Morelos.

According to her explanation, needs were identified such as equipment, infrastructure, and mobility; problems like densification, growth of the urban sprawl, invasion of public spaces and irregular human settlements; and various issues such as environmental ones, deforestation, pollution by wastewater and changes in land use.