A group of people sitting on chairs outdoors listening to speakers at a community event with banners in the background.

Puerto Morelos City Council Scandal Unveiled

As election campaigns kick off, the Puerto Morelos City Council has come to a standstill. Employees are reportedly being pressured to attend campaign events for candidate Blanca Merari, with threats of dismissal if they refuse. This coercion reportedly stems from their immediate supervisors, who are also under duress from Abraham Masegosa.

One disgruntled employee, tasked with overseeing the so-called "electoral structure", claims that it's actually a payroll for city council staff. He criticizes the pressure being put on employees, suggesting it should instead be directed towards the "freeloaders" associated with Blanca Merari and Abraham Masegosa.

The same employee accuses Álvaro Masegosa Raña, Director of Material Resources and Supplies for the Municipality of Puerto Morelos, and brother of Abraham, along with the Director of Human Resources, Julian Santos Medina Cab, of misusing the budget. They are allegedly appointing friends to unnecessary positions, and granting them benefits such as monthly gas allowances, per diems, and consumable goods.

Abraham Masegosa Raña is said to control the municipality's finances, while Roberto Robertos Balam monitors social media to ensure no employee voices complaints or demands. The employees are expected to publicly support the campaign of Blanca Merari, but many are fearful of repercussions if they speak out.

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Despite the pressure, employees are being pushed to actively participate in the campaign and promote Blanca Merari at events. One employee expresses his hope for a widespread vote against Blanca Merari and her associates on June 2, for the benefit of Puerto Morelos. He pleads for an end to the corruption and mismanagement, urging for a future without Blanca Merari and Abraham Masegosa.