cancun hotel zone

Proof of Vaccination and PCR Testing Proposed for Hotels and Restaurants

CANCUN – The enormous boom in tourists to the Mexican Caribbean has cause the surge in the numbers of new COVID-19 infections in the state of Quintana Roo. Authorities are considering implementing new measures, such as requesting a negative PCR test or official proof of vaccination for entry to restaurants.

cancun hotel zone

This new measure may be difficult if not impossible to control due to the amount of touristic traffic that is arriving in the area. There is also a proposal to carry out COVID-19 tests every three days for guests staying in Cancun hotels, which will allow visitors to access any establishment during their stay. 

These tests would have to be done every 48 or 72 hours during their stay in the hotel, as stated by outgoing Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, Marisol Vanegas. At this time, she confirmed that the proposal is being officially requested. This protocol would make it possible to detect any positive cases and protect other guests and hotel workers.

Vanegas pointed out that each hotel has autonomy for the management of biosafety processes within its facilities. She also reiterated that hoteliers have been already been asked to perform PCR tests at the time of each guest registration.

According to the state hotel leaders, public transport is to blame for the increase in infections in the tourist area, arguing that most people infected with COVID-19 do not work directly in the tourism sector.

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“We have noticed that it is public transport, the vast majority of the population uses public service. That is where a special protocol need to be made, since the greatest number of infections comes from there. Tourists arriving in Quintana Roo must recognize all of these protocols. We have to be more cautious, more cautious in all these protocols, ” stated Roberto Citrón, President of the Cancun, Puerto Morelos and Riviera Maya Hotel Association.

Between 270 and 280 hotels in Quintana Roo have received permission from the health authorities to maintain an occupancy of up to 70% during the summer travel season, despite the fact that the epidemiological traffic light in the area remains orange.