A team of workers repairing a road, with one pushing a wheelbarrow filled with asphalt as they fill a pothole.

“Pothole Pandemonium: Cancún’s Road to Repair”

The Director of Public Services in Benito Juárez, Antonio Chambé, has announced that his department is focusing on areas known for significant pothole problems. These include Avenue Kabah, the return to Yaxchilán Avenue, and Tules Avenue.

However, Chambé pointed out that the start of pothole repairs is weather-dependent. He also revealed a plan to slightly elevate the streets and build a new base in the Caribbean University area. This area is bordered by mangroves on both sides, which speeds up the formation of potholes.

For operations during rainy days, all public service departments are carrying out various tasks to prevent waterlogging. These include dredging, cleaning grills, drains, and absorption wells during patrols.

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