A police officer smiling at the camera and waving, standing on a street with traffic signals and a clear blue sky in the background.

“Revamped Traffic Flow in Playa del Carmen Boosts Safety and Efficiency”

Road safety is a shared responsibility. As such, the government of Playa del Carmen, led by Lili Campos, along with the Secretary of Citizen Security of Solidaridad, is urging all drivers to adhere to traffic signs and follow the designated directions on streets and avenues.

To prevent traffic congestion near the general hospital, a change in road circulation has been implemented on Avenue 135. This avenue now operates in one direction, running from Constituyentes to Juárez Avenue. Similarly, Avenue 130 has been adjusted to flow from Juárez to Constituyentes.

The side streets between 2 Norte and 30 Norte Bis, situated between Avenues 125 and 135, will now operate in one direction, alternating their direction from east to west and vice versa.

Among other road adjustments, the left turn on Playa del Carmen Boulevard and 28 de Julio Avenue towards Tulum has been restricted. Meanwhile, 106 Norte Street now operates in one direction, flowing from east to west.

For drivers exiting 28 de Julio Avenue, they can access Colosio via Street 108, which now runs from west to east.

Lastly, at the intersection of Playa Boulevard with 41 Sur Street (Centro Maya), a continuous double lane from south to north has been implemented. This change prohibits U-turns on the federal highway and establishes a pedestrian phase on 41 Sur Street.

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These changes aim to enhance urban mobility and reduce the risk of accidents.