People seated at a lively restaurant with a large menu, as musicians perform onstage in the background.

Surprising Turnout: Playa del Carmen Mother’s Day Dining Hits 70%

Restaurants in Playa del Carmen saw a lower than expected turnout for Mother's Day celebrations on May 10th, with attendance not exceeding 70%. Gerardo Valadez Victorio, president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Seasoned Food Industry (Canirac), suggested that the overall occupancy rate for May is anticipated to be low, with estimates not expected to surpass 60%.

Valadez Victorio stated, "We calculated around 70% attendance. Some places were very busy, but it balances out. People in larger cities often dine out, but we are in a tourist area and that factors in." Prior to Mother's Day, restaurant owners had projected occupancy rates above 90% in over 200 establishments, primarily located in the tourist area of Playa del Carmen and its surroundings.

However, it wasn't all bad news. Valadez Victorio noted that gift shops and flower shops in the area had good business during the holiday. "We can't improve the entire week based on one day. On Fridays and Saturdays, locals tend to eat out and socialize more. This time it was slightly higher, but gift shops were busy and flower shops reported 100% occupancy. Many people bought flowers for their mothers," he said.

For the remainder of the month, restaurants expect to maintain a similar pace, in line with the hotel occupancy in Riviera Maya, which is above 70%. They also plan to continue promotional activities throughout the year, mainly in collaboration with hoteliers, to promote the destination's cultural and culinary appeal. They anticipate that occupancy will begin to rise again by mid-June, when the first wave of summer tourists is expected, a period during which occupancy typically sees a significant increase.