“Scorching Conditions: IMSS Hospital Patients in Playa del Carmen Struggle Without AC”

Family members of patients at IMSS 18 hospital in Playa del Carmen have lodged complaints against the facility due to a lack of air conditioning. This issue has arisen following recent power outages in the city.

Among the complainants is the daughter of Fernando Macías Santiesteban, a patient at the hospital since April 4th due to lung complications.

She reported in an interview that her father has been enduring intense heat within the hospital since the air conditioning units stopped functioning.

According to her, the lack of air conditioning has resulted in her father, who is in intensive care, developing a fever and frequently complaining about the extreme heat.

She also expressed frustration that, in addition to the uncomfortable conditions, the hospital staff has not provided her with updates on her father's condition. He was previously diagnosed by a doctor with spots on his lungs.

The same situation is being experienced by all patients in the hospital. Relatives have resorted to fanning their loved ones in an attempt to alleviate the oppressive heat pervading all the wards.

The absence of air conditioning, compounded by the blackouts, has led to her father and other patients suffering from fevers due to the high temperatures.

She noted that her father's health is deteriorating each day due to these conditions. He has lost a significant amount of weight and shows no signs of improvement.

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She concluded by sharing that her father is currently with a catheter, located in bed 244 on the 3rd floor.