An aerial image of an overturned boat floating in the middle of the ocean with the surrounding water in deep blue tones.

Massive Drug Bust! 3 Tons Seized in Quintana Roo!

Over three tons of drugs were confiscated on the coast of Quintana Roo. The haul comprised 153 rectangular packages and was discovered during a patrol by the Ninth Naval Region and the Seventeenth Naval Zone of the Mexican Navy, based in Isla Mujeres and Chetumal.

The drugs, which bore the characteristics of cocaine, were found during a routine inspection of a small boat. Also discovered on board were 18 drums of hydrocarbon.

The Navy Secretariat (Semar) reported that three individuals were arrested in connection with the seizure. They are currently under investigation to determine their legal status.

The operation was conducted by naval personnel and was aided by an aircraft and an ocean patrol of the Mexican Navy in recent days.

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