A bucket full of freshly caught red fish on a wooden surface

“Stable Fish Prices Amidst Challenges: Isla Mujeres Fishing Update!”

Despite the steady production of fish scales by Isla Mujeres cooperatives, fish prices have remained stable. This is according to the leaders of various local groups. The main types of fish stored in cooperative warehouses include grouper, hogfish, snapper, cod, goldsinny, and kingfish. These fish typically do not remain in the facility for more than a few hours before being purchased by customers.

The leaders noted that fishing conditions have not been favorable lately. This is due to frequent port closures and calm sea conditions with few waves and currents, making it challenging to find fish. However, they are optimistic that conditions will improve during the lobster season, which begins on July 1.

Despite this optimism, there is concern about the illegal capture of products during closed seasons. This has been a systematic issue, with illegal products even being sold openly online. The leaders pointed out that lobster production is usually quite low during the initial months, and illegal fishing contributes to this scarcity.

They anticipate that conditions will improve from September onwards with the arrival of the first cold fronts. However, due to global warming and climate changes, they have noticed that in recent years, production tends to increase in October and November.

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As for retail prices, the Isla Mujeres cooperatives sell cod and large grouper for 200 pesos per kilogram, and medium-sized fish (1.5 kg or less) for 160 pesos. Snapper, hogfish, and goldsinny are offered at 150 pesos per kilogram. Hogfish fillets are sold for 200 pesos and kingfish for 100 pesos per kilo.