Two people lying on thin mattresses in a minimally furnished room with white walls, a blue trim, and a window with bars. A backpack rests beside each person, and on the wall hangs a poster with images and text.

“830+ Emergency Shelters Ready for 2024 Hurricane Season in Quintana Roo”

Quintana Roo is preparing for the 2024 hurricane season by setting up more than 830 temporary shelters across its 11 municipalities. These shelters are designed to accommodate up to 87,857 individuals who may require them.

This year, meteorologists predict the formation of 13 to 15 hurricanes. A committee, made up of local authorities and institution representatives, has been established to oversee and coordinate the necessary measures to mitigate risks associated with these hydrometeorological events. The committee's aim is to ensure a swift and effective response in the event of an emergency.

Experts anticipate a transition from the El Niño phenomenon, typically associated with a rise in temperature, to La Niña between July and September. However, the intensity forecasts for both these phenomena are currently uncertain, according to researchers from the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate Change.

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