man removes sargassum from riviera maya beach

“5000+ Tons of Sargasso Seaweed Cleared in Solidaridad – Tourists Flocking to Pristine Beaches!”

From January to now, a whopping 5074 tons of sargasso seaweed have been cleared from the beaches in Solidaridad. Despite being in the peak season of the seaweed's arrival, the white sands have been kept clean, attracting tourists who are aware that this large-scale algae poses no health risks.

There are always some remnants of the algae both on the sand and in the water, as it continues to wash ashore. However, it no longer poses a nuisance to swimmers, as long as it doesn't pile up.

It's worth noting that the highest influx of sargasso occurs during the hottest months. However, compared to the last two years, the current influx is less severe. The beaches most impacted by the seaweed are Punta Esmeralda and the Central beaches.

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