Residential buildings with white exteriors, external staircases, and balconies under an overcast sky, with parked cars along the street.

“New Homes Approved: Major Development in South Solidaridad Sparks Controversy”

The Tres Patios development has been granted a zoning and land-use change permit for the construction of 238 new homes in the southern region of Solidaridad. The permit was requested in 2022 by Promotora Hemnar, a commercial development company. The approval was given by former Secretary of Territorial Planning, Rocío Beltrán Sánchez, with the permit's publication date being July 1st.

The new development will be located on a 3.9-hectare property, in close proximity to the high-value Bali development and the area known as Las Torres. This marks the beginning of urbanization around the Xcaret eco-tourist park and the Lázaro Cárdenas del Río taxi drivers' union.

It's important to note that while the zoning and land-use permit has been granted, it does not automatically authorize the construction or commercial use of the property. The developer will still need to obtain the necessary construction licenses and authorizations.

Out of the 238 approved homes, 192 are primarily intended for residential use, while the remaining 46 will be mixed commercial use. The developer has also committed to donating 0.4 hectares of the land for public works that will benefit the local population.

Rocío Beltrán, who authorized the permit, resigned from her position last year amidst controversy. She had previously approved the construction of approximately two thousand homes near the Maya Train route for Altta Homes. This project did not meet urbanization requirements, leading to calls for an investigation from council members. With the revelation of this new project, further investigations into the former public servant's actions may be on the horizon.

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Once all permits are finalized, urbanization of this area in Solidaridad is expected to commence.