People with brooms and dustpans cleaning a tiled pedestrian street lined with trees and buildings.

Solidaridad Rising: Rebuilding After Hurricane Beryl

Solidaridad is bouncing back after the devastating impact of Hurricane Beryl. The municipal government, led by Lili Campos, has been tirelessly working to clean the streets and avenues of Playa del Carmen and Puerto Aventuras since the early hours of Friday. This effort is a collaboration between the Public Services and Civil Protection Departments.

Campos stated, "With no casualties from Beryl, we are working to restore normalcy in Solidaridad." She also appealed for understanding and patience from the citizens, assuring them that every possible measure is being taken to fully restore the municipality.

This announcement was made during a meeting of the Specialized Operative Committee on Hydrometeorological Phenomena of Solidaridad. The committee also reported the closure of temporary shelters as residents have now returned to their homes.

The meeting highlighted the successful preventive efforts of the municipal government. As a result, the business sector, convenience stores, self-service outlets, and local commerce are gradually resuming their activities.

In conclusion, it was reported that the National Electricity Commission (CFE) and Aguakan are working swiftly to restore their services. Public transportation is also expected to be 80 percent operational soon as Solidaridad continues to recover from the impact of Hurricane Beryl.

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