Colorful poster of a wrestling event with masked luchadores in various costumes promoting a fight night on June 28th at 8:30 PM, featuring teams facing off in a "Lucha Estelar".

Don’t Miss Out on Tomorrow’s Neighborhood Wrestling Event in Playa del Carmen!

Wrestling fans in Playa del Carmen can look forward to an exciting event this Friday, with the "Wrestling in your Neighborhood" program. The event kicks off at 8:30 pm at the Playa del Carmen sports complex dome. Featured wrestlers include Fuerza Guerrera's Daughter, Halloween Jr, and Miss Coral, along with top-notch Quintana Roo wrestlers.

In the main event, Halloween Jr. teams up with the high-flying Tiger Fly. They will face off against a formidable duo, Tizoc from the "Street Children" and Rey Espartan. Rey Espartan is making a return to the Mexican Caribbean after a successful stint in Bogota, Colombia, where he competed for the Maya Universe pairs championship.

The semi-final match will showcase two local favorites, Arialis and Chikitin. Known for their fantasy wrestling style, they've won the hearts of both children and adults. Their opponents will be the leader of the "Street Children", Corsario Jr, and Alma de Oro, who is making a comeback with a goal to win.

The evening will begin with a Special Women's Fight. Fuerza Guerrera's Daughter will team up with local favorite, Princesa Maya. They will face off against the seasoned Miss Coral and Mujer Salvaje Jr, in what is expected to be a thrilling match.

The referee for the event will be the notorious Mr. Froy, known for his bias towards the rudo side, adding another layer of challenge in the ring.

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The "Wrestling in your Neighborhood" program has been a hit with local fans, bringing the excitement of wrestling close to their homes. In 2023, the program received national recognition for promoting the cultural and historical significance of Mexican wrestling. The Solidaridad Municipal Sports Institute encourages everyone to come out and enjoy an action-packed sports show.