A map showing the Atlantic basin with two potential tropical cyclone paths marked in yellow and red indicating different levels of cyclone formation chances as of June 27, 2024.

Potential Cyclones Bring Heavy Rainfall to Quintana Roo

The State government has announced that they are keeping a close eye on two low-pressure areas that could potentially develop into cyclones. These systems could bring rainfall in the coming hours.

The information, originally released by the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida, and shared by the National Meteorological Service, pertains to the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. The two areas of concern are:

  1. A low-pressure area associated with a tropical wave over the central part of the Caribbean Sea. This system has a 10% chance of developing into a cyclone within 48 hours, increasing to 30% over the next week.

    • This area is roughly 865 km southeast of the Quintana Roo coast and is moving westward at a speed of 32 km/h.
    • Heavy rains are expected, particularly over the southern and central areas of Quintana Roo, mainly during the weekend.
  2. A second low-pressure area, also associated with a tropical wave, is over the Atlantic. This system has a 40% chance of developing into a cyclone within 48 hours, increasing to 70% over the next week.

    • This area is approximately 5,865 km east of the Quintana Roo coast and is moving westward at a speed between 24 and 32 km/h.
    • Its development and potential path are being monitored, but it currently poses no risk to the Quintana Roo coast.
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The State Coordination of Civil Protection of Quintana Roo (COEPROC) has reported that the approach of these low-pressure areas will increase the potential for rainfall in the Yucatan Peninsula and Quintana Roo. The fifth tropical wave's movement over the southern part of the Yucatan Peninsula and the influx of moisture from the Caribbean Sea will result in a partially cloudy sky with increasing cloudiness in parts of Quintana Roo.

Intermittent rain, accompanied by electrical activity, is expected throughout the day in some areas. The weather will be hot and sultry during the day, cooling off in the early morning and at dawn. Winds will be primarily from the east, ranging from 30 to 50 km/h.


  • Stay updated with meteorological bulletins, available on social media and the websites of the State Coordination of Civil Protection and the State Government of Quintana Roo.
  • There are currently no active tropical cyclones in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Due to rising temperatures, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Wear light-colored, long-sleeved clothing, a cap or hat, and UV-blocking sunglasses.
  • Exercise caution when traveling on roads or in urban areas due to fog banks that form in the mornings and evenings.
  • Stay informed about permissible sea activities from Port Captains and follow their instructions.
  • Take precautions when navigating or participating in water activities along the Quintana Roo coast and the Yucatan channel due to wind effects and high waves.